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Anoushka Agrawal is Bombay-born, Brooklyn-based producer, writer & director with extensive commercial, documentary and narrative production experience.

Most recently, she wrote, directed and produced 'Pleats', a short film that follows a conversation between an elderly Indian woman who confesses to having an extramarital affair, and her granddaughter.


She produced 14 docuseries' with MasterClass, and writes and produces branded campaigns and commercial video content with agencies in New York and LA.


She holds a double major in Film and Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley has developed and produced film & TV for Disney+, MTV and Roy Kapur Films. She also worked as a columnist and reporter in the deadline-driven newsroom environments of The Daily Californian and Homegrown Media.

When she's not producing, she's writing: currently, a series pilot about four college best friends who, after moving across the country to New York City together, grapple with love, life, family and money and find themselves questioning whether their friendship can stand the test of the big city. 

Anoushka is a strong advocate for diversity in storytelling, and strives to create inclusive and safe creative environments.

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